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The Medical Exercise Specialist Masters Training Series will use the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist eManual as its primary reference source. The AMES eManual was developed for our Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Residency program. This manual consists of 1,130 pages, at this moment, containing medical exercise guidelines, protocols, assessment procedures, forms, video links, and anything needed by medical exercise professionals to build a strong and profitable practice.

As part of the MES Master Series, you’ll get a copy of AMES eManual. That’s right….it’s an eManual, which means you can download it as a digital document or PDF. This means we can update it, and insert additional components, including video and audio links, which makes this a unique reference guide for medical exercise or medical fitness training. You ask for it….we can add it!!

We realize sometimes you buy a textbook costing more than $100 and within a year or two, the textbook may be obsolete. With the AMS eManual, METI will periodically update the contents. These updates will keep the manual current, allowing you to access the latest and most updated information to manage your MET clients.

Join the MES Masters today and download your copy of the AMES eManual. As a MedXPRO Network member, you will continue to receive periodic eManual updates.

Click the link below to join the MES Masters using our early bird discount that expires Friday, Dec 23 @ 11:59pm

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