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Let me take a moment to talk about creating a medical exercise training practice. Most of our students are personal trainers, health coaches, massage therapists, fitness trainers, or similar professionals. For most of them, medical exercise training (MET) is another tool in their toolbox.

Now, we’re finding physicians, surgeons, and other health professionals are looking for more advanced MET services for their patients. Many of our graduates want to know how to handle more complex MET cases. They want the skills to be able to handle client cases effectively and speak with doctors with the complete knowledge and confidence of the exercise programs they have developed.

That’s why we created the “Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Residency”.

By the time you’re done with the residency, you’re able to work directly with physicians and therapists, understanding even the most complex cases, and be able to manage a client’s case from the beginning to a positive functional outcome.

This is everything you need to start, grow and expand your own MET business. The AMES is complete enough to make you the “exercise expert” for the medical community in your area!

Our Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Residency begins March 6th. Click HERE for more information.


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