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Medical Exercise Professionals will see greater usage and need over the next 20 years. As the need grows so will the need for a higher skills set and level of knowledge/understanding. The Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Residency is the next step in your Medical Exercise Specialist education. The AMES will help you become the “MET Expert” in your community.

Here are some of the topics covered in the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Residency

  • Manual Muscle Testing
  • Joint Goniometry and Range of Motion Testing
  • Gait Analysis and Biomechanics of the Gait Cycle
  • Medical History Procedures and Assessment
  • Neurological Assessment Procedures
  • Vital Signs Assessment and Procedures
  • Balance Assessment and Training Sequence
  • Short- and Long-Term Goal Assessment
  • Functional Outcome Measure Selection and Assessment
  • Functional Scale Assessment Procedures and Selection
  • Practice Management Systems

Soon we will provide more details and how to register for the residency. Put your name on the email list to get updated information as soon as it comes available. Click this link.

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