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Every Medical Exercise Training facility needs the essential “8 Pieces of MET Equipment”. Whether you have a 1200 sq ft or 5000 sq ft facility, here are 8 essential pieces of exercise equipment every MET facility needs.

The 8 pieces of MET equipment are:

  1. Upper Body Ergometer
  2. Cable Column Unit
  3. Leg Press/Shuttle
  4. Swiss Balls, Stretching Straps, Dumbbells, etc.
  5. Recumbent Bike
  6. Mat Table
  7. Digital Exercise Software – PhysioTec
  8. Blood Pressure Cuff

There are several other important pieces of equipment you may add but these are ESSENTIAL. For a more detailed list for a small, medium or large MET facility go to review tip #46.  #TheRealMES

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