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Establish a signature MET program. Based on the outcomes you have produced with your clients, your expertise and your advanced training in exercise management of specific medical conditions, select one or two conditions as your specialty. Once you have established your niche or specialty, and then develop signature exercise program(s) for these conditions.

Your signature programs are simply packaged exercise services including the assessment, training sessions and a lifestyle education component to fully manage the medical condition with an emphasis on exercise. Your signature programs should include 6 – 8 sessions over 30 days and focus on providing the client with positive outcomes, a safe and effective home or independent exercise program along with education to assist them to better manage their condition using exercise.

Some of the conditions you might develop a signature program to manage include: diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and low back pain. Market your signature programs to clients and medical professionals to attract referrals. For examples of signature programs click here >>

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