7 Steps to Starting Your MET Practice in Any Setting- Step Six

To provide safe and effective medical exercise training services you will need to obtain the necessary training. Simply having experience in personal training is not enough. Medical exercise training requires a thorough background in anatomy and the pathology of medical conditions as well as training in MET assessments, program design and utilization of MET protocols. MET goes beyond corrective exercise. Corrective exercise doesn’t review how to manage specific medical conditions or how to communicate effectively with medical professionals. The Medical Exercise Specialist Training (MEST) series is designed specifically to provide personal trainers with the skill, knowledge and materials to manage medical conditions with exercise. The MEST series provides the foundation you need to build a strong and profitable medical exercise training practice in any setting.

Download the free ebook here https://medical-exercise-specialist-training-series.mykajabi.com/p/7-steps-ebook

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