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Now that you have reached out to medical professionals and you are attracting MET clients, you have to “train for outcomes and communicate for relationships”. Training for outcomes means emphasizing functional outcome measures which allow you and medical professionals to determine the effectiveness of your programs. The outcome measures include 1) blood pressure; 2) BMI; 3) range of motion; 4) muscle strength; 4) spinal stability; and 5) bone density to name a few. Functional outcome measures (FOMs) are reviewed in the MEST series.

Communication with medical professionals is key to building a strong and profitable MET practice. Establish a communication flow to keep medical professionals in the loop regarding the progress of their patients. The use of progress reports is essential for building and maintaining referral relationships. Documentation of MET sessions and communication with medical professionals is a new requirement for fitness professionals. Documentation, communication and other MET skills are required if you want to provide MET services.

The shift from personal training to medical exercise training takes time and the development of the necessary skills but it produces great outcomes and profits for your practice. MET is a key in managing chronic diseases. Start “Bridging the Gap” now by becoming a Medical Exercise Specialist. For more information click here or call 1.888.610.0923.

Michael Jones, PhD, PT is president of the Medical Exercise Training Institute in Katy, TX. Dr Mike has spend the last 20 years “Bridging the Gap Between Health Care and Fitness”. To learn more about Medical Exercise Training go to Download our ebook – “Medical Exercise Training – The New Modality” at

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