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For Medical Exercise Specialists to be more effective and produce positive outcomes, packaging or bundling MET services to meet the needs of the clients and their conditions is important. Usually MET services are provided in a singular manner. Services such as one-on-one training, group classes and medical membership are offered separately. For effective management of chronic conditions a shift to packaging all MET services necessary to produce a positive outcome is preferred. There are 7 steps to packaging MET services.

These are the 7 steps to packaging MET services:

  1. Identify the condition and its MET needs
  2. Identify the 6 key exercise points
  3. Identify the 6 lifestyle management keys
  4. Combine these 3 for 30 days exercise goals
  5. Develop six 10-minute lifestyle management PPT’s
  6. Develop six 45-minute group exercise sessions
  7. Focus on what the client walks away with

At this point packaging MET services is seldom avaiable to the client as initial offering . But as the demand for MET grows so will the need to offer “MEDICAL EXERCISE SOLUTIONS” to clients, medical professionals and eventually insurance carriers. For more information on packaging MET services and practice building tips dowload our FREE ebook – “Medical Exercise Training 101”.

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