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So, you have been thinking about adding medical exercise training/post rehab fitness to your practice. You aren’t sure if you are ready or if it might too much to handle. Well there are 7 signs your practice is ready to add a Medical Exercise Training/Post Rehab Program. Review the 7 signs below to determine if you are ready.

  1. You have worked with a few medically based clients that have improved as a result of the exercise program you designed.
  2. The average age of your clients is over 35.
  3. 20% or more of your clients note existing medical conditions during their medical history interviews.
  4. You enjoy the challenge of working with and designing exercise programs for clients with medical conditions.
  5. You have received medical referrals from medical professionals on your community.
  6. You have medical professionals as clients within your practice.
  7. You have a keen interest in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics.

If you agree with at least five of the statements above – you are ready to formally add and begin marketing a medical exercise training/post rehab program. Take the first steps by developing an introductory letter and brochure to begin marketing your program. In our next edition we will review the “7 Steps to Integrating a Medical Exercise Training/Post Rehab Program to your Practice”. If you would like to hear my podcast on the 7 signs, please click the link below to listen.

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Dr Mike

Medical Exercise Training Institute
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