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Medical exercise training is growing and health clubs are trying to cash in. But many health clubs misunderstand the needs of medical professionals and their patients when attempting to develop referral relationships. Over the years as a therapist I have been approached by many clubs to refer clients or be a member of their medical fitness advisory board.

Here are 8 mistakes health clubs make when approaching medical professionals.

  1. Selling Memberships
  2. Focusing on Fitness Staff Certifications
  3. Not Focusing on Packaging MET Programs
  4. Dismissing Functional Outcome Measures
  5. Not Having a Medical Exercise Training Director
  6. Placing Medical Professionals on the Advisory Board
  7. Not Selectively Marketing to Medical Professionals
  8. Not Having a Fee Schedule for Medical Exercise Training

Forgive me! I got carried away and gave you 8 instead of 7. The more the better in this situation.

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