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Medical Exercise Training (MET) is fast becoming a widely accepted specialty in personal training. Over the last 15 years teaching our MES and PRCS courses we have established the "Five Universal Laws of Medical Exercise Training". These laws maybe helpful when training your clients.

1.    Respect swelling and inflammation. You cannot train through swelling and/or inflammation. Exercising inflamed tissue or a swollen region will increase blood flow. This will further exacerbate the area and increase swelling.

2.    Connective tissue is king. Understanding the physiology of connective tissue and its response to training and injury is important in the MET process. Not understanding the importance of connective tissue tissue can make the difference in a program producing a positive outcome or exacerbating a condition.

3.    Watch for red flags. Yes, watch form and posture while training your clients but also watch for red flags. Red flags are indicators that something is wrong and the exercise program might need modifications to ensure safe progress.

4.    Train for function. Function is the key in post rehab. The post rehab client is referred due to residual functional deficits that remain after physical therapy. Identify these deficits in your assessment and incorporate activities into the program that will address the deficits and enhance function.

5.    Stabilize, Activate and/or Mobilize (Release). Not necessarily in that order but at some point in every program you will must incorporate at least one of these concepts into your program. Regardless of your training philosophy at some point these concepts come into play.

These "MET Universal Laws" apply to every medical exercise and post rehab client. Whether you prefer Pilates, aquatic fitness, yoga, high intensity training or traditional conditioning adhering to these laws will ensure you have a practice of happy and high functioning clients. Click the link below to listen to our podcast.



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