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Its time for a new look and new goals. What better goal then to build a profitable post rehab practice. If your post rehab practice isn’t profitable, this blog entry will help you identify the common mistakes post rehab professionals make when attempting to develop a profitable post rehab practice. There is a huge need for post rehab services. Every post rehab professional should be able to develop a profitable practice. Look for these mistakes you I guarantee you will have better success in 2008.

1) Allowing the health club to be the sole provider of post rehab referrals. If you work in a health club setting the worst thing you can do is allow the health club to be your sole source of post rehab referrals. You must establish your own referral sources and communicate directly with these sources. Medical professionals want to know everyone working with their patients.

2) Not developing your own marketing materials. You must have three basic marketing materials – a business card, letterhead and a brochure. Clients want to review information later when they are making the decision whether to utilize your services. With nothing to review, it’s pretty easy to see why the client might pick another trainer or facility. Without a business card, letterhead or brochure, DO NOT attempt to contact a medical professional. Would you do seek treatment from a physician or therapist without a business card? Yes, thas right….you would think something is terribly wrong. Need I say more on this topic? Your local Kinkos has graphic artists and printing services to help you develop your marketing materials.

3) Not sending an introductory letter to the client’s physician. Send a brief introductory letter to every new client’s physician. Your client will provide the physician’s name in the paperwork they complete when they join the fitness facility. Send a brief note stating the client has started an exercise program. Mention the goals of the program and give a quick description of the program. This letter will lay the foundation for future communications and eventually referrals.

4) Not sending progress reports to the referral source. If you receive a referral from a medical professional have the courtesy to send a brief (one-page) progress report to the referral source when the client’s returns for a follow-up visit. Not sending the progress report is a sign of lack of professionalism. I guarantee you will lose the referral source simply because you did not send a one-page progress report.

5) Thinking or feeling I am only a personal trainer. If you have ever felt like this, you are terribly wrong! Exercise is the key to long-term management of most medical conditions. I made that quote during a lecture at one of our Medical Exercise Specialist workshops and it is so TRUE. As a post rehab professional, you may play a major role in the outcome of your client’s rehabilitation. You are not just a trainer – you make a huge contribution. Never feel this way when contacting the client’s physician, physical therapist or chiropractor.

Many of the post rehab professionals I have met around the world have made these mistakes. Any of these five mistakes can kill your post rehab practice. These mistakes are easily corrected but you must recognize them first. Listen to my podcast at on the remedies to the five common post rehab practice-building mistakes.

Attend our teleseminar – “Establishing a Profitable Post Rehab Program” on January 4th, 2008 at 5pm Eastern. Learn the 5 keys to making your post rehab practice more profitable. Click on the link below for more information on this teleseminar. Best wishes for a profitable 2008!!

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