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Medical exercise and post rehab services are growing in usage and acceptance. Physicians are referring more to clients to post rehab programs. Sometimes these clients mistake post rehab services for physical therapy. When you look at the layout and equipment in a post rehab studio, it may look very similar to a physical therapy clinic. As you can see this mistake is easily made and common. Post rehab professionals (PRP’s) must emphasize the distinctions between post rehab services and physical therapy. The post rehab distinctions include:

  1. Exercise is the key modality in a post rehab setting.
  2. Function is the focus of post rehab programming.
  3. Post rehab services are very cost effective.
  4. Post rehab services are only for medically stable clients.

These four distinctions make post rehab services very attractive to medical professionals, clients with medical conditions and even insurance carriers. Join us for our FREE 'Post Rehab Profits & Protocols' teleseminar on June 8th at 6pm ET/3pm PT and learn how to use these 4 distinctions to help you attract clients and referrals. Click the link below to register.

Click here to register for the '4 Distinctions Between Post Rehab and Physical Therapy'

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