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3 Medical Referral Sources You Must Develop Relationships

 By Michael K. Jones, Ph.D., P.T.

Networking and developing relationships is the key to any business’ success. In the medical exercise field, there are three (3) important relationships you must develop to have a successful medical exercise practice.

1. Chiropractor – chiropractors are the most receptive medical professionals to post rehab programming. Post rehab professionals offer chiropractors an aspect missing in their practice – safe and effective exercise.  Chiropractors are a great referral source. You offer something their practice needs.

2. General Practitioner – GP’s see a wide range of patients in need of exercise. From arthritis to low back pain every patient the GP sees needs exercise at some point. You can see this is a great referral opportunity for referrals once you explain the indications for exercise and positive aspects of its impact. 

3. Physical Therapist or Sports Medicine Center – Therapists initially may not be as receptive as chiropractors but after clarifying your role and scope of practice they can become very supportive referral sources.


These three medical referral sources should form the foundation of your referral network. As you hire more staff members add more referral sources. Remember, referral relationships are personal. You receive referrals because the medical professional is comfortable with your skills and professionalism. Protect these relationships to grow your practice.


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