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Spondylolethesis is another condiion commonly seen in athletes. Managing the spondylolethesis is challenging. Spondylolethesis are graded using a 1-4 or 1-3 scale. Severe spondylos (grade 3-4) are sometimes treated surgically. Those spondylos that are non-surgically managed (1-3) should be referred for post rehab conditioning after discharge from physical therapy. There are 3 keys to managing the post rehab spondylolethesis client. The 3 keys are:

1) Determine the grade of the spondylolethesis. This information will come from the physician, physical therapist or chiropractor.

2) Avoid lumbar extension 10 degrees beyond neutral.

3) Strengthen the abdominals and position the client is slight lumbar flexion for normal activities. Slight flexion protects the spinal cord from damage.

Follow these 3 keys to develop a safe and effective post rehab program for the spondylolethesis client. Click the link below to listen to my discussion of these 3 keys.

Dr Mike

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