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Impingement syndrome is common in athletes. Usually seen in athletes involved in overhead activities. There are three key concepts to remember when managing the post rehab impingement syndrome client.

1) Increase the size of the subacromial space using the pendulum exercise.

2) Strengthen the rotator cuff muscles using resistance techniques.

3) Strengthen the periscapular muscles (rhomboids, traps and serratus anterior) to assist with stabilization of the scapula against the thoracic cage.

These are the 3 keys to managing impingement syndrome with exercise. The actual step by step exercise protocol is far more detailed with specific exercise techniques and progression guidelines. To get more information or to purchase the PREPS – post rehab exercise protocol for impingement syndrome go to

If you follow these 3 key concepts you will produce positive functional outcomes with your impingement clients. To listen to my recording of the 3 keys to exercise management of the post rehab impingement client click the link below.

Post Rehab Challenge
Your client is a 21 year old swimmer. She specializes in the 100 meter butterfly. She was treated 3 months ago for right shoulder impingement. She was discharged after 7 visits with no pain with overhead activities or night pain and full shoulder strength and ROM. She is now competing in Beijing. How would you manage her exercise program during the 7 days before her event to ensure maintenance of her strength gains as well as avoiding any exacerbation of her shoulder. Please outline your program and post it in the comments section of our blog as well as emailing the program to Remember, if you correctly answer all 16 post rehab challenges during the Olympic Games, you will receive a free Post Rehab Tips CD.

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