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Hamstring pulls are another common injury seen in athletes. Chronic hamstring pulls can limit athletic performance and drag on until properly managed. There are 3 keys to managing the post rehab hamstring client. These 3 keys include:

1) Allow time for proper healing;

2) After the tissue damage has healed, make the tissue pliable with stretching:

3) Use proper strengthening and stretching techniques to prepare the athlete for return to sports.

These are 3 very simple concepts but they are often overlooked in the management of the post rehab hamstring client. Remembering these 3 concepts will allow you to develop better and more effective exercise programs for your clients. Please click the link below to here my discussion of these 3 concepts.

Post Rehab Challenge

Where in the running cycle does the hamstring pull occur? Heel strike, footflat or push off?

Dr Mike

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