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As surgical technology improves so does the rehabilitation of the ACL reconstructed knee. The number of ACL reconstructions has increased as our understanding of the ACL has improved and our ability to diagnosis the symptoms and signs. ACL reconstructions are common in athletes. Let’s list the 3 keys to managing these clients.

1) Control swelling!!

2) Activate the vastus medialis as quickly as possible.

3) Improve overall leg strength while protecting the new ACL graft.

These 3 keys are important during all stages of rehabilitation for the ACL reconstruction. Remember these 3 keys as you manage the post rehab ACL client and you will see must better functional outcomes.

Dr Mike

Post Rehab Challenge
Your client is a 27 year old fencer with a right ACL reconstruction which performed 22 weeks ago. He completed physical therapy and has moderate quadriceps atrophy but full pain-free ROM with both flexion and extension. His ACL was reconstructed using a hamstring graft. He is able to walk with no pain or gait deviation. He has de-rotation brace but he runs with a slight limp when in the stance phase on the right side. He has clearance from his physician and physical therapist to begin the post rehab program. Please explain what activities are restricted or contraindicated for the ACL reconstruction client and why.

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