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Since I arrived here at Medical Fitness Pros I realize one of the biggest challenges our Medical Exercise Specialists face is when, what and how to communicate with medical professionals. We have found the most effective method of communication with medical professionals is through “medical exercise forms” and establishing a medical communication system. The forms allow you to communicate in a clear, concise manner that's easy for your medical referral sources to understand. The system makes it much easier to control the communication flow. There are “3 keys to effective communication with medical referral sources”. Let me take a moment to review these three keys.

1) When communicating with referral sources your reports should never exceed one page. Medical professionals are busy with their patients. Long wordy reports or letters with useless charts and diagrams are meaningless to physicians and therapists. Your reports should be succinct and to the point. Get to the point quickly; summarize the progress the client has made or request the info needed rather drawing it out over many paragraphs. All medical providers are busy…respect their time.

2) Use medical exercise forms as often as possible to communicate. Long wordy narrative reports are cumbersome to read. Using forms allows you to provide a greater amount of information in a much easier format for the reader to understand. A well designed form allows the doctor to find the info needed quickly and easily rather than reading through a long narrative.

3) Use a system for all communication with medical professionals. Establish a timetable for when each communication is submitted and what is included. Writing medical reports is difficult enough but without a system is can be overwhelming.

To learn how to establish a medical communication and documentation system in your practice join us for the “Medical Exercise Communication” teleseminar on May 21st at 4pm ET/1pm PT. In this teleseminar you will receive a system and timetable for communicating and submitting reports to medical professionals. Effective communication will help you build your referral network and credibility. Follow the link below to join us on May 21.

Medical Exercise Communication Teleseminar

Medical Exercise Training Institute
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