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10 Keys to Making the Transition:

The Clinic to the Gym


Many chiropractors, nurses, physical therapists and PT assistants are starting to make the transition to the gym. To medical professionals willing to make the transition, fitness offers less stress, better client management, more motivated clients and the ability to clearly see the outcome of your work. Many medical professionals want to make the transition, but do not know where to start or what to expect. Read on below and allow me to give you the “10 Keys to Making the Transition from the Clinic to the Gym.”


  1. Realize exercise is your only modality in the gym…..embrace it and be creative with it.
  2. The gym is far less formal but the client has to see results. You can’t hide behind your medical title in the gym.
  3. Clients are more far more motivated in the gym. These clients are a pleasure to work with and usually don’t have a hidden agenda.
  4. The exercise programs you create in the fitness environment have to be more innovative and client based.
  5. There is a lot less paperwork in post rehab fitness but you still have to document the sessions. Functional results are the key, not the number of reports mailed or patients treatments….but the outcomes.
  6. Before taking the final step into fitness, take a good marketing workshop for service professionals. Not those boring university based marketing courses but one that teaches you how to attract clients. Medical professionals are usually the worst marketers. Start by reading the books of Michael Port and Jay Abraham.
  7. Also before taking that final step, pay for a few sessions with a professional personal trainer to see how transitions are made between exercises during a one on one training session. This will help you manage the client session better and allow the client to get the maximum results from your sessions.
  8. Become comfortable with multiple methods of performing an exercise and multiple exercises to target a muscle group.
  9. Realize your training as a medical professional gives you a distinct advantage managing the post rehab client.
  10. Chill out……its the gym….its okay to have fun and make it fun for your client. Bring your medical knowledge to the gym but leave your lab coat at the clinic.

There is a huge need for more medical professionals to make the transition to the fitness environment. Aging, chronic disease and insurance cutbacks are factors that will push more medical professionals to the gym. Get ahead of the coming rush and start your practice. I guarantee you will love it every minute of the transition.

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